Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center at The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

The Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center was a newly constructed 45,000 SF building located just west of The Schottenstein Center at the intersection of Lane Avenue and Fred Taylor Drive on The Ohio State University campus, Columbus, Ohio. The facility serves as the central Ohio 4-H headquarters. It houses conference and meeting rooms, training facilities, offices for youth development faculty and staff, and additional work space for extension agents, volunteers and 4-H members. The 4-H Center was designed for maximum utilization with minimal environmental impact.

LEED Certification was awarded November 3, 2008. Monks Engineers worked closely with Lincoln Street Studios, the University and 4-H to contribute 16 of the required 26 pointsfor LEED certification by addressing site lighting, water usage, energy efficiency and indoor air quality components of the certification. The balance points necessary for certification were addressed by the architectural elements of the design. Systems addressed by Monks Engineers to achieve these goals were:   
·      Optimized ventilation effectiveness
·      Carbon dioxide monitoring for indoor air quality management
·      Light pollution reduction
·      51% water use reduction
·      Increased thermal comfort with permanent temperature and humidity monitoring and control

Water source heat pump HVAC system coupled to ground loop heat exchanger. This system is primarily responsible for the 53% reduction in energy usage when compared to an identical building design that meets the national commercial building energy code (ASHRAE 90.1 2001).

The building has been occupied for more than eight years and Monks Engineers continues to monitor the performance of systems we designed. The energy and water usage are phenomenally low, saving the University thousands of dollars each month on utility costs. 

The first year of utility bills confirmed that the energy usage was a mere 28 KBTU/SF/YR and has been holding steady at 26 KBTU/SF/YR. Compared to the average OSU building (203 KBTU/SF/YR) and the average commercial building in the United States (91 KBTU/SF/YR) that is an 85% and 66% energy use savings. In fact, compared to all building categories analyzed by the Energy Information Administration only vacant buildings use less energy than the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center.