Case Study | Brio Tuscan Grille Challenges of Renovation Projects

Brio restaurants present an interesting challenge. The restaurants are similar size, style and amenities. They can be built new or in renovated locations and always have very tight construction schedules.

New construction locations generally offer few surprises. However, building restaurants into existing spaces creates very unique situations for design team, especially with the HVAC and plumbing. A few of the restaurants have been located on the first floor of multi-level buildings requiring a complex and intricate routing of grease ducts and boiler flues. Additionally, the use of exhaust scrubbers is necessary to prevent pollution of offices, residences or parking located above the restaurants.

To minimize design and construction issues it has become standard practice to complete a comprehensive field survey during site selection for renovation projects. Coordination among all parties involved - owner, developer, contractor and design team - is critical to the success of the projects.