Willoughby City Hall
Willoughby, Ohio

After completion of a new courthouse building, the City of Willoughby began a renovation of the old two-story courthouse structure, converting it to administration offices and community meeting spaces. Now known as Willoughby City Hall, the building—constructed in 1964—needed infrastructure updates in order to meet the needs of City government officials, as well as building patrons utilizing the community meeting spaces. 

A building assessment was completed to determine the level of infrastructure improvements necessary for the projected use of the building. The assessment reveals that the original 1964 construction did not include insulation in the walls or roof. However, the existing windows have been replaced with energy efficient double pane, low-e glass in 1999. The HVAC system was in good condition and only required redistribution of the airflow throughout the building. 

Tec provided engineering services to upgrade the electrical distribution system including new distribution feeders, new branch circuit panelboards and associated branch circuit wiring.  New energy efficient, fluorescent lighting was installed for all areas of the building.  Programmable relay panels, supplemented with local wall and ceiling mounted occupancy sensors, control lighting circuits.  The existing parking lot lampposts and special season/event lighting remained, and be controlled by the new relay panels. The existing fire alarm system was kept, but expanded with additional power supplies.  Additional audio/visual alarms are required to meet ADA guidelines.