Fairmount Minerals Headquarters Expansion
Chardon, Ohio

Fairmount Minerals headquarters building expansion includes 1,150 sq. ft. of office and conference room space.  Total project was designed to achieve LEED certification; cost is approximately $200,000.

The HVAC design employs the use of a direct expansion geothermal heat pump system.  The main components of this high efficiency system include a heat pump, well field, air-handling unit with evaporator coil, humidifier, and demand control ventilation.  The 4.5-ton heat pump uses copper tubes placed in the ground to utilize the constant temperature of the Earth to transfer heat directly to or from the refrigerant piped from the air handler.  A well field of 9 bore holes at 75’ deep is drilled at a 30-degree angle from vertical to transfer this heat.  An “A” type evaporator coil is used in combination with the 1,850 cfm air-handling unit.  In heating mode, after the supply air leaves the air-handling unit, it will pass through a bypass humidifier to maintain humidity levels above 30% RH.  Last, a motorized damper modulates quantity of outside air based on the averaged output of CO2 sensors and the ventilation control system.  Room mounted CO2 sensors will be located in the Break Room and Conference Room/Office.  A duct mounted CO2 sensor will monitor the remaining offices. 

The plumbing design includes the use of low-flow fixtures.  The water closet is a 1.0 gpf, pressure-assisted toilet that meets ADA requirements.  The lavatory and sink utilize a 0.5 gpm aerator and 1.5 gpm aerator respectively.  

The electrical system employs lighting occupancy sensors in all rooms, which turn the lights off when the space is unoccupied.  Daylight harvesting is utilized in the open office area to dim lighting when conditions permit.  The lighting layout offers between 30-40 ambient foot candles in the enclosed offices and 55 ambient foot candles in the open office with 90 mean lumens/watt.  The design exceeds the code requirement of 0.9 W/sf.