First Church Congregational
Painesville, Ohio

First Church Congregational is an urban church situated predominately on the City Square that wanted to improve the quality of illumination within the Sanctuary, as well as reduce energy and maintenance costs. Tec’s innovative solution was to restore the original chandeliers to like new condition and replace the inefficient incandescent lamps with linear biaxial fluorescent lamps. 

The existing chandeliers were removed, crated and sent to a local artisan for restoration and new lamping. Since the chandeliers are approximately 48 inches high overall, with 30 inches of glass, eight 40 watt biaxial fluorescent lamps with electronic dimming ballasts were positioned evenly within the luminaire body. The result is increased illumination in the Sanctuary, and even distribution of the chandelier glass. Five 150 watt quartz uplights in the top of the chandelier provide illumination on the ceiling. 

Recessed 500 watt adjustable quartz halogen luminaries located either side of the center line of the ceiling provide additional illumination within the Sanctuary. 

The Altar, Pulpit and Lectern are illuminated with existing recessed incandescent luminaries that have been cleaned and relamped. 

New lighting controls have been provided to allow flexibility, dimming and maximize lamp life.