Case Study | GSA Public Building Commissioning

Tec Inc. was contracted as the Commissioning Authority for the Indianapolis Proposed Office Building. This 199,500 square foot building consists of a three-story office building, one-story annex building, and parking garage. The commissioning process for this project verified that the energy-related systems were installed, calibrated and performed according to the owner’s project requirements, basis of design, and construction documents.

A few specific issues that were identified and corrected include: occupancy sensors that were not connected to the terminal units as designed in order to reduce the supply air from the unit if the room was unoccupied during the day, and the controls for redundant air handling units were not independently wired. These air handling units served critical spaces, and when the main power to the operating air handling unit was interrupted, the control system interface could not determine if either air handling unit was operating. These corrections have improved building energy performance, and operational deficiencies.