Hillview Assisted Living Apartments
Portsmouth, Ohio

Working under a design-build delivery model, this project consists of basic mechanical, electrical and plumbing utilities to complete the renovation of existing independent living units found in three buildings into assisted living studio apartments. Also included were the  circulation and support spaces needed for staff to support the residents.

Initially, Tec performed a study of the HVAC systems, plumbing fixtures and fire detection systems. In the study, Tec engineers indicated many of the utility system shortcomings and offered thoughts for improvement. Discovering significant challenges with each system, a preliminary effort was undertaken to identify how to address these challenges will be accomplished while the facility remains fully-operational. 

Tec provided electrical engineering to complete the lighting and lighting controls as well as new general purpose receptacles and specific power requirements to meet the needs of the unit conversions. Electrical design includes modifying to or adding branch circuits for the various items of mechanical equipment or controls. Voice and data pathways, as well as the modification to/replacement of the existing fire alarm system are also part of the design. A new nurse call system will be provided for each of the areas. 

Mechanical engineering includes replacing the existing HVAC units with new through-the-wall packaged terminal air conditioning units and to provide new toilet exhaust fans.  

The plumbing and fire protection system design is an extension of and modification to the existing distribution system. New prefabricated shower units, new reduced flow toilets and lavatories and a new kitchen sink and faucet are all included in the engineering.  Fire protection design to relocate/modify existing sprinkler heads to accommodate the new space configuration completes out the scope of our services.