Lake Erie College Jerome T Osborne
Family and Wellness Center
Painesville, Ohio

Known on campus as the RecPlex, this 49,300 square-foot facility is located at the corner of
Gillette St. and W. Walnut Streets on the southeast corner of the campus.

The Lobby is illuminated with energy efficient ceramic metal halide cylinders suspended from open
trussing.  Fluorescent biax luminaires wash the entry mural, while compact fluorescent wall sconces
accent the architecture.  The wall and decorative fixtures are controlled separately from the general
illumination allowing the HID cylinders to be turned off during hours with high daylight illumination.

The Multi-purpose gym is a practice facility for the college’s softball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer
teams, with a suspended running track on the second floor.  The lighting provided for both vertical
and horizontal tasks at varying light levels with the use of suspended multi-level compact fluorescent
luminaires.  The compact fluorescent lamping allowed for excellent color rendition, instant on features,
and ease of maintenance.  Linear T8 Fluorescent strips provide uplight to the structure. Four different
lighting levels are available within the space based on the zoning of the control system.

The competition gym is lit to NCAA standards.  Suspended bi-level pendants are lamped with multiple
3500K compact fluorescents that provide downlight illumination.  The uplight component was provided
by 8’ linear indirect fluorescents mounted on the bar joists.  

The Fitness Center is illuminated with linear direct/indirect fluorescent luminaires.  The direct/indirect
luminaire provides a comfortable visual environment from a variety of viewing positions.  The challenge
of this space was creating a bright environment with excellent cutoff amidst exposed ductwork with a
low ceiling and dark wall and floor finishes.


Photo Credits for this projet: Scott Pease