LJ Minor / Nestle Cornerstone Process Plant Expansion
Cleveland, Ohio

Tec provided the mechanical design for a 6000 sq.ft. machinery room that houses a water-cooled ammonia-CO2 refrigeration plant. The plant provides cooling for process freezing of different food products and for HVAC cooling systems through the use of propylene glycol in heat exchangers pumped from the engine room to the air handlers in the main building. 

The mechanical design includes ammonia containment areas on the floor and roof of the machinery room to allow safe re-capture in the event of a spill. Other safety features include ammonia detection and CO2 detection connected to a ventilation system.  The ventilation system for the room provides airflow to comply with ASHRAE 15, IMC and IIAR standards. The roof mounted fans direct the discharge air above the boundary layer of the building. The fans serve a dual purpose to maintain temperature in the space varying the speed as appropriate. Other safety features include emergency safety showers and shunt-trip of the building.