Lake Metroparks Lake Erie Bluffs Picnic Shelter and Observation Tower
Perry Township, Ohio

Lake Erie Bluffs is among the last parcels of unspoiled lakefront property in Ohio. The beach area hosts trees, shrubs and small plants including the majority of the park’s rare plants. Visitors can enjoy low-impact recreational activities such as hiking and fishing at this new park. Improvements made to enhance public use include a 44 car gravel parking lot and installation of gravel trails with a scenic overlook and two access points to a natural beach along Lake Erie, taking advantage of the mix of 40-foot high beach bluffs and open sandy and cobble beach across 9,000 feet of shoreline are the site’s dominant features. 

The project included the design of a three to four season pavilion structure with breathtaking views of Lake Erie from atop the bluff. The pavilion structure has 1,160 SF indoor open area gathering space, 274 SF of storage, 274 SF for restrooms, 560 SF of open air shelter area. The adjacent access routes and patio areas surrounding the building include low-profile lighting to maintain dark skies in the area. The necessary utilities were connected with existing utilities at the Lane Rd. cul-de-sac. 

The steel construction 50 ft tall observation tower overlooking the shoreline is ADA compliant to the lower mezzanine level. The tower includes safety lighting on the stairways, using low contrast red LEDs for long-life.