Moreland Courts Condominiums
Shaker Heights, Ohio

The turn-of-the-century Moreland Courts Condominiums is a 120-unit complex that required a complete overhaul of the heating, piping and electrical systems. Field work was required to determine existing conditions in preparation for the master planning. The priority of the work was set primarily by the existing conditions, starting with the most deteriorated systems.

The boiler heating system was antiquated and inadequate, some units were extremely hot, while others never achieved a comfortable temperature level.  New higher efficiency boilers replaced original boilers installed in the 1930’s. The more efficient,  automatic operation provides lower costs for natural gas, city water, sanitary costs, chemical treatment and on-going maintenance.  New traps, piping and thermostats save about half the fuel cost and provide a comfortable environment for the building tenants. 

The garage ventilation for the underground parking had been neglected and abandoned. With new safety controls for carbon monoxide monitoring and proper heating system, the garage is now ventilated. The new ventilation helps with the rusting metal parts and the humidity problems that were deteriorating the building.

Engineering included designing an electrical system that provides power upgrade to 480 volt to sufficiently handle modern day needs and that meets current electrical codes. Updating the lighting to provide a safer environment, and be easily maintained. A new tele/data system to allow for modern conveniences of telephone, fax and internet access. Install new keyless door entry and security cameras at the doors and on the buildings’ grounds. New fire alarm system to meet current fire codes.