Ohio University Computer Services Center Data Center HVAC & Electrical Upgrades
Athens, Ohio

This project consisted of HVAC, electrical and fire suppression improvements to the existing systems in the occupied 1947 Computer Services Center building on the Ohio University campus in Athens, Ohio.

The HVAC Improvements included the removal, replacement and relocation of various piping and equipment located within the raised floor cavity and above the data center drop ceiling. A total of 6 CRAH units were removed and replaced by 4 more energy efficient higher capacity units within the data center and a chiller was added to provide redundancy and additional capacity to the cooling systems. Outdated pneumatic controls were replaced with DDC controls.

Electrically the improvements consisted of removing several pieces of electrical equipment, replacing the data center fire alarm system, installing a new distribution panel, installing 2 UPS units (one for redundancy) providing feeders to new equipment, metering, and expanding the existing lighting protection system.  

The existing fire protection system consisted of a pre-action dry pipe system.  For a higher level of protection in the campus data center a clean agent system was added and the existing dry pipe system was refurbished.

The biggest challenges for this project were phasing and sequencing, as this data center is the hub for all campus data activity and could not afford an outage.  A carefully developed phasing plan and detailed documents were created to allow the construction phase to proceed smoothly.