Ohio Veterans' Home
Sandusky & Georgetown, Ohio


Electrical Panel & Service Upgrade; Site Lighting Improvements

The Ohio Veterans’ Home, in addition to offering standard care and special care in its licensed nursing home, also offers Veterans Hall (DOM), a domiciliary for those who are able to function in an independent living situation, and DOM+ for those requiring very limited assistance (supervised care) but who do not require the level of care provided to nursing home residents.

Tec Inc. completed the electrical engineering to upgrade approximately 30 main electrical panels and main service lines that provide electricity to the electrical panels in the Secrest and Giffin nursing homes and provide additional circuits and receptacles in various areas. This upgrade accommodates the increased electrical load from equipment and personal electronics which were not common when the building was built. Work occurred while the Veterans’ Home was in operation; residents were temporarily relocated to other wings in the nursing home as construction was completed.

As part of this project, site lighting was upgraded on the campus. Existing poles and luminaires were replaced with new poles and new energy-saving LED lights.  Using advanced control technology, each pole light on the campus can be wirelessly controlled with dimming capability to reduce lighting levels during the evening in areas with little activity while increasing the lighting levels in more active areas to improve visibility and safety. 


  • The residents needed to be relocated from their rooms while the electrical work was completed.  
  • Flooring, painting, and HVAC improvements were underway by separate contractors in the same resident rooms during this construction sequence.  
  • The existing parking lot wiring system was only 2-wire. Individual control and dimming was not possible using the existing underground wiring. 


  • A resident relocation rotation system was developed. This required communication and carefully coordinated schedules among the owner, architect, construction team, and residents to ensure minimal disruption and hardship to residents.
  • A wireless lighting control system was designed so parking lot lights could be individually controlled.

Emergency Generator, Fire Alarm and Security Improvements

The Ohio Veterans Home is a 99-acre nursing home campus. Tec Inc. provided engineering services to upgrade the emergency generators, fire alarm system, and security with limited disruptions to the residents. 

Emergency Generators

Two 2-megawatt emergency generators provide power to the entire campus and utilize a state-of-the-art paralleling gear arrangement. Tec designed the low voltage interconnection instrumentation diagram of the medium voltage generator paralleling gear.  The instrumentation allows Ohio Veterans Home remote monitoring of the generating plant and allows automatic closure of the generator power plant with the normal utility power breaker.  The low voltage interconnection design required approximately 1200 wire interconnections between 12 components.

Fire Alarm System

A new fire alarm system with fiber-optic backbone and new devices for the entire campus were engineered by Tec.


The assisted living component requires special safety and security measures designed to track residents, allow restricted access to certain areas, and provide electronic 24/7 monitoring of nursing staff at a central police station. The security system was completely designed by Tec and consists of more than 130 video cameras, 20 monitors and 50 security doors.  State-of-the-art cameras provide IP, wireless and fiber pathways to maximize camera images and display functions.

network and resident monitoring

The Ohio Veterans Home project in Sandusky, Ohio consisted of improvements to the computer network infrastructure and implementation of a wireless computer network throughout the facility. Project goals were:

  • Allow internet access to residents, and 
  • Allow real time viewing of security camera images from vehicles or computers located throughout the campus

The resident monitoring system for impaired residents was replaced with a new system providing better tracking of a resident’s location inside and outside the building improving resident safety.

Tec Inc. was the prime consultant for the design of this facility, as well as administering the contract with the State of Ohio and the Department of Veterans Affairs and was responsible for the construction services through completion of the project.

Nurse Call and Tub Room Improvements

This Ohio Veterans Home project located in Sandusky, Ohio consisted of improvements to the existing tub room and shower facilities throughout the complex in order to improve resident safety and reduce maintenance with the installation of a slip-resistant floor and a reconfiguration of tubs and showers affording residents with improved privacy.

A new nurse call system was provided throughout the facility. The new system brings additional access points for staff as well as enhances the resident features. Tec Inc. was a subconsultant providing mechanical, electrical, and technology design services for this $1.5M improvement.

Mechanical System Improvement Schematic Design

Tec performed an investigation of all buildings on the Ohio Veterans Home campus in Sandusky, Ohio for the purpose of upgrading various mechanical systems.  The investigation revealed the need to:

  • Insulate chilled water lines in the north and south units
  • Repair or replace condensate return lines in Veterans Hall and B-Wing
  • Install a 180° F heating system in the laundry/kitchen
  • Install new refrigeration equipment in the Secrest Nursing Home
  • Convert the HVAC from 2-pipe to 4-pipe in the Giffin Care Facility and Secrest Nursing Home
  • Replace boilers with Ohio Specials in the Physical Plant
  • Replace the heating in the members lounge

police station

The Ohio Veterans Home is a 427-bed nursing home campus offering two levels of care, standard and special care for veterans with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Tec provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for the new Security and Dispatch Center on the campus. The Police Station design included the power, lighting, and HVAC system for the office which houses all of the campus security head-end equipment.


networking improvements

The Ohio Veterans Home project located in Georgetown, Ohio consisted of a number of task items assembled into two major budget appropriations and federal grants. 

Life Safety and Security

The Life Safety and Security project included the addition of CCTV digital cameras and recorders, both indoors and outside. Proximity card readers were added at all exterior doors to better control access to and from the building. Stairway door alarms were added to prevent confused residents from entering the stairs and falling. Security fencing around the mechanical equipment was added as well as perimeter fencing to reduce intrusion on to the premise as well as control elopement risk

Critical Power and Grounds Improvement

The Critical Power and Grounds Improvement project included the replacement of the outdated resident security system with an upgraded system incorporating additional layers of security for the 168-bed facility that includes residents with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. A second emergency generator was designed to handle the increased life safety and emergency power demands of the facility. The campus grounds improvements include resurfacing the walking paths, improving drainage, providing walking path security with the addition of handrails and emergency call boxes, as well as additional security lighting.

Tec Inc. was the prime consultant for the design of all improvements and administered the contract with the State of Ohio and the Department of Veterans Affairs. As prime consultant, Tec was also responsible for the construction services through completion of the project.