Tec Inc. Engineering & Design
Eastlake, Ohio

In 2007 Tec Inc. completed the renovation and expansion of the headquarters. The original design consisted of a warehouse that had been fitted out as a predominantly open-office environment.

Throughout the renovation the scope of the project increased. Our engineers and designers used products that we specify for our clients. This allows us the opportunity to evaluate products and design.

As the staff increased and Tec office space expanded the HVAC system was upgraded to insure sufficient space conditioning while maintaining proper indoor air quality. The main air handler was replaced with a new 15-ton unit with an outdoor air economizer. The existing 10-ton unit remained and was retrofitted with an outdoor air economizer. 

To maintain indoor air quality carbon dioxide sensors were installed to vary the outdoor air percentage based on interior space conditions. New VVT boxes, temperature sensors and control module were provided to tie the two units together. The controls provide for night setback and morning startup automatically while maintaining the most economical operation of the system throughout the office.

Translucent shades were installed at the skylights to reduce solar gain, and sunlight glare, while maintaining effectiveness for day lighting in the circulation spaces.

Tec has one of the first installations in the country of a new modular raceway system that combines functionality, aesthetics and ease of installation. 

Lighting design and controls are an integral part of Tec’s business. The renovation of the office allowed the incorporation of multiple fixture types from different manufacturers to be used to show clients differing application techniques.

The open office space was converted from 400 watt metal halide pendants to linear fluorescent T5HO direct/indirect fixtures. These luminaires increased the illumination level by 40 percent and reduced the energy consumption by 25 percent. The existing fluorescent tube in the front office was retrofitted with T8 electronic dimming ballasts tied to a daylight sensor to take advantage of the skylights in that area. Several portions of the tube were also retrofitted with low voltage track that was suspended down through the tube to accent artwork in the space. New compact fluorescent wall sconces add a punch with color changing LED accent lights.

Several of the private offices were re-lit with more energy efficient compact fluorescent downlights and multiple style fluorescent troffers housing energy efficient electronic ballasts and occupancy sensor controls.

The main conference room was left relatively unchanged with the exception of new dimming ballasts added to the compact fluorescent pendants and the inclusion of a low voltage lighting control system with multiple scene settings and an occupancy sensor and timeclock added in for additional energy savings.