Farewell Tucker

Tucker | April 23, 2002- May 5, 2011

Tucker, the friendly golden retriever, and faithful companion to Pam & Terry Kilbourne, passed away last night, Thursday, May 5th after fighting a valiant battle with cancer. After a very positive chemotherapy treatment and excellent follow-up results he suffered a frightfully rapid and severe setback Tuesday morning, May 3rd, He fought hard the next three days, but ultimately succumbed to the complications. Pam, Terry and Tucker’s sister, Molly were with him when he passed. Tucker loved to carry around stuffed animals and to chase real animals. He also loved to walk to Starbucks with Terry on Sunday morning. When at home, Tucker loved to curl up on the couch with Pam. Tucker was regular at Tec and has been known to swipe a sandwich or other food left unsupervised.

Tucker is survived by his sister, Molly (with Pam & Terry) and two brothers, Riley and Seamus (belonging to Kerri Kilbourne). He will be missed.