RATTS - Red, White & Blue

Last weekend, Friday-Sunday, Chris Bayda, an engineer at Tec and producer of the Rockin Around the Town Square concerts put on a patriotic themed show. His band of 9 musicians and another handful or stage and lighting support did three nights of shows.  Chris is the composer, producer, and a performer in the shows. 

For this summer concert he took traditional patriotic themed songs such as “The Star Spangeled Banner” & “America the Beautiful” and re-composes them with a modern rock sound - a style most similarly compared to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. 

The past three years Chris has produced the same kind of concert with a Christmas theme.  Those concerts have been so successful he was asked to do a summer concert. Red, White & Blue was born. The concerts are held in the Main Street Theater in Columbiana, Ohio. The band is made up of muscians that Chris knows from the area. They are not a permanent band, but only come together for these special concerts - they are so good you could never tell they don’t stay together all year.

Below is a clip from the Saturday performace. Check out http://baydamusic.com/ to learn more about Chris and his musical talents.