Welcome Ebbie Bobbitt

Tec is excited to welcome Ebbie Bobbitt. He has joined the Electrical Engineering Department and will provide engineering design and construction document production support to the department. 

Ebbie is originally from the Columbus, Ohio area, and is a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. He decided to start off his career in a new city, but close enough to go visit his hometown. 

Celebrating Long Time Employees

Today we had an ice-cream cake celebrating six employees with more than 20 years at Tec. For a firm of our size in this industry, having almost a third of the staff with 20+ years of service is a rarity. It demonstrates a tremendous sense of loyalty for both sides to stick together through good times and challenging times.

To honor this group - Terry, Pam, Jaime, Kelley, Sean and Tim - we brought in an ice cream cake to represent the “Gold Watch”


Thank you to all of the wonderful employees here at Tec.