Courtney Van Ostran, CPSM named Director of Marketing for Tec

Courtney van ostran,  cpsm

Courtney van ostran, cpsm

Tec Inc. is excited to introduce Courtney Van Ostran, CPSM as Director of Marketing. Courtney is an industry veteran with 20 years experience in A/E/C marketing. Courtney will be based in our Columbus (Monks) office. In her role, she will develop strategy and initiatives to unify the Tec Inc. Engineering & Design and Monks Engineers brands and build awareness of the firm throughout Ohio and the region. 

An active member of SMPS Columbus, Courtney has held several positions on the board, including Chapter President. She is also involved in the planning of the Heartland Regional Conference. 

We look forward to Courtney's contributions towards the growth of Tec and Monks. Courtney can be reached by phone at 614.267.4928 or by email: cvanostran @ 

With Courtney's addition to the company, Adam Kilbourne will become the Managing Director of Tec. A role focused on business administration. 


SMPS Build Business 2015

by Adam Kilbourne, CPSM

It's almost here, Build Business 2015 in L.A. Tomorrow I board the plane and head west. Build Business is the largest conference for marketers in the A/E/C industry. Tec has been a proud sponsor of the conference for many years and this year is no exception. 

There is a new program track this year called MAX, which is modeled after TEDx. I was honored to be asked to help with the planning and logistics of the MAX sessions. Working with the volunteer committee and staff we started with no funding but were able to acquire sponsors allowing us to brand and promote MAX, and get some wonderful flowers for the stages. 

In addition to the logistics for MAX, my pet project is the SMPS Member Art Showcase. We have so many talented artists among our membership and this is a way to display some of that talent. We've got a dozen art works from 7 different artists. Several of the pieces will be in the Fellows Raffle and MAX Silent Auction, with proceeds going to SMPS U. 

Highlights and pictures when I return next week. 

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