Who ate the Donut?

Written by: Amy Lauria

Could be that Tucker nabbed it. Or Molly…

They have been known to sneak a cookie, a slice of pizza, or to help themselves to a corned
beef sandwich–toothpick and all. They often incriminate themselves with
a dusting of powdered sugar on their noses, or by lingering too long at
the scene of the crime, licking their chops. Counters, tabletops,
covered trashcans are no obstacle for these two—simply a nuisance.

What began as the occasional Friday “field trip” for this brother/sister
Dynamic Duo, is now daily routine. Molly and Tucker belong to Pam and
Terry Kilbourne. Terry, Tec’s President, brings the dogs to the office
in the morning. As the human contingent grab their first cup of coffee
and begin logging onto their computers, Molly and Tucker barrel through
the front door ready for “work.” First, they make rounds to collect
their morning goodies—they know which employees keep a stash of treats
on hand. Molly curls up on her blanket, under Terry’s desk. Tucker
plants himself in the reception area, eagerly anticipating Pam’s
arrival. The dogs spend the day snoozing under the Conference Room table
during meetings and conduct “meet and greets” with the UPS driver and
Postman. They sometimes wander the office—noses in the air—following the
scent of food to it origins. Anything left unattended is fair game,
though if the food is guarded, they will politely await their portion of
scrap. They have been known to fall asleep waiting…

The health benefit of dog ownership is proven fact. Those who live with dogs
experience lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improved mood and
sense of well being, and are statistically happier in genereal than
those not having a dog in the home. There is a sense of social
camaraderie inherent in having a pet, particularly a dog. Though not
proven, these benefits arguably extend to having animals in the
workplace. Molly and Tucker’s presence in the office frequently
encourages employees to interact with each other, as they stop to dish
out a quick pat to one of the dogs. 

Canines humanize an office. They facilitate bonding between co-workers, create
laughter with their antics, and often soothe the daily tensions that
arise in a work environment. Quite frankly—Work is a lot of Work. Tec is
no different than any other office, in that there are project
deadlines, heavy workloads, high expectations, and periods of heavy
stress. The dogs help balance the atmosphere, particularly as they are
golden retrievers—a breed known for its friendly, happy-go-lucky
temperament. Most employees aren’t fazed by floating dog hair, or an
occasional sandwich gone MIA. The benefits far outweigh any negatives.

Moses—a yellow lab belonging to Ardra Zinkon, might greet those visiting our
Columbus office. Moses doesn’t “work” every day like our Cleveland Crew,
but he does enjoy hanging out in the office on occasion. And one of
these days his little sister, Mattie (also a yellow lab), might spend a
day at the office.

Just another reason Tec Inc. is not your typical engineering office.