New Addition to the Tec Museum of Engineering

Tec Inc. Engineering & Design would like to thank Steve Kay of Holophane for his donation to our collection of antique engineering books. The second edition text book “Illuminating Engineering” edited by Cady and Dates is Kay’s second donation to the collection. He previously donated a second edition of the “IES Lighintg Handbook.”

The second edition of Illuminating Engineering was published in 1928. The text book was prepared for students and engineers. The book is divided into two main sections, Principles and Applications, then further sub-divided into addtional specifics. 

One interesting section of the book is the Reflection Factors of Colored Surfaces.  Pasted on to the pages are 32 color cards, similar to paint cards or Pantone samples. Each card has a hole punched through to allow the user to hold an object or sample behind the card and match it to the color.  Each color is assigned a Reflection Factor - the proportion of light reflected by walls and ceilings of various colors.