Growth and Longevity

Our recent hiring spree has encouraged us to look at the makeup of our staff. Just over a year ago, the average tenure of the 24 employees at that time was 11.25 years. Due to some new opportunities and life changes for others, we lost a few good people. After a slow start recruiting, we have had great success this year recruiting talented staff to replace those lost, and even add to our staff. 

Interesting that with 7 new people on staff this year alone, our average tenure at Tec is still in double-digits at 10.25 years with 25 people. Obviously, the president and founder of the company will have the longest tenure at 31.5 years. We've got 3 other people with more than 25 years, 2 with more than 20 years and another 2 people at more than 15 years. 

This longevity helps to maintain a family culture within the office, and provides a strong knowledge base of project experience and client relationships. The new staff are enthusiastic and eager to learn from the veteran staff. 

Although we would like to keep our engineers until they are ready to retire, it is good for a company to add new people with new ideas allowing the firm to grow in ways they may not have thought of previously. 

We're excited for the future with our staff of veterans and newbies.