Tec is Hiring!

(posted 7/10/15)

Tec is growing and we're hiring! Want to work on a variety of projects in a great environment? Do you like to work on interesting and challenging projects?  Do you like to work with good people? Need great benefits (see below)? Tec Inc. Engineering & Design may be the place for you.  

Tec is a mid-size (25 people) multi-discipline consulting engineering firm designing projects throughout the United States. Our largest market is Healthcare, however, we work in a wide variety of markets. Our focus on top-notch customer service has propelled our growth.

Tec is located in a converted warehouse in Eastlake, 15 minutes east of downtown with excellent access to I-90 and I-271. Skip the downtown traffic and enjoy free parking. Many great lunch options within a couple minutes of the office. Excellent work environment, benefits and career advancement opportunity.

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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Stillwater Place

Here at Tec we're very excited for the opening of the new Stillwater Place event facility at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. It's a wonderful facility and our engineers truly enjoyed work the project. 

You can learn more about Stillwater Place through these news highlights.



Tec Hires 3 Engineers

Tec has been on a recent hiring spree. In the past month we've brought on 3 new engineers. We're excited to be growing and look forward to what this talented new group brings.

David Hood, PE | Mechanical Project Engineer

David Hood joins Tec’s Mechanical Engineering department and is working in the Eastlake office. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. David has more than 6 years of experience in the industry, primarily in Industrial. He recently transplanted from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

John Wolfe | Mechanical Engineer

John Wolfe joins Tec’s Mechanical Engineering department and is working in the Eastlake office. He is a recent graduate and received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. John was active in the Walk Now for Autism program at Marquette.

Steven George | Electrical Project Engineer

Steven George joins Tec’s Electrical Engineering department and is working in the Eastlake office. He received his Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering from the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio and a Masters in Science from Cleveland State University. Steven has more than 4 year of industry experience. He is an Eagle Scout. 

On the case... a forensic investigation

Not a crime scene, but certainly a case of fantastic forensic engineering work. 

Hiram College completed a renovation of the dining/multi-purpose facility. Facilities staff noticed the compact fluorescent lamps (cfl) were not illuminated to full brightness. In preparation for a campus meeting, an electrical contractor was brought in to troubleshoot the problem. After checking the wiring for ground faults and replacing lamps, the problem persisted.

Tim Pool, PE, RCDD - Director of Engineering and a licensed electrical safety inspector - was called to assist the contractor. Working with our lighting designer, Ardra Zinkon and the fixture manufacturer, the team eliminated any lamp or ballast problems with the fixtures. On a lift inspecting fixtures, Tim noticed a cool draft of air coming from the plenum space, flowing out of the fixture housings. CFLs lose efficiency in cold conditions, providing lower illumination output. To test this, Tim used a piece of plastic wrap from the kitchen to cover the opening on the fixture housing, forcing the heat from the lamp to remain in the fixture and preventing the cold air from entering. The lamp went to full illumination almost instantly. 

It was determined that the kitchen hood exhaust combined with the make-up air unit was under pressurizing the main space and cold air from the air plenum was being dragged across the lamp causing a chill to the lamp envelope and thus not allowing the lamp to burn at full brightness. The College hired an air balancer to adjust air flow and the pressurization between the spaces was normalized.  

The solution we developed required an out-of-the box approach to problem solving that crossed disciplines. Who would’ve thought a piece of plastic wrap could be the primary tool to solve an engineering dilemma?

Cleveland Public Library Tech Central and MyCloud

The Cleveland Public Library Tech Central project is almost complete. We stopped in for a walk-thru last week while the final touches were being installed. The renovation looks beautiful, providing a needed update, while incorporating prominent pieces of the existing architecture.

The renovated space will provide a consilidated computing center for the Main branch with state of the art features. “We are proud to announce that in June 2012 we will be the first public library in the country, to provide a personalized desktop experience to our patrons using desktop virtualization. The days of saving files on USB flash drives will be over for many CPL patrons, as they will be able to use MyCloud to freely access their own computing world anywhere in the Library. MyCloud will allow each user to save their files, bookmarks, and preferences and have them available anytime they visit the Library.”

Along with the new desktop features, the new technology infrastructure is useful and unobtrusive. The electrical outlets and network connections are built into the furniture, inside of covered boxes. The cabling and power are run through the table legs and are routed under an innovative modular raised floor that feels like a solid floor. Tech Central is outfitted with Windows and Mac computers that are connected to the MyCloud service.

The architecture is brought to life through refurbished direct/indirect suspended lighting and additional accent lighting. The suspended fixtures illuminate the space evenly while minimizing glare for library patrons working at the computers. The existing intricate ceramic tile mosaic wall is highlighted for the first time with linear led accent lighting mounted to the edge of the counter installed along the wall. Additionally, information desks incorporate integral led technology with 3-form panels to provide a self-illumianted presense in the space.Track lighting has been installed to highlight a display table.

We’re proud to have been involved in the engineering and lighting design of this project.

 To view more pictures, visit the project photo gallery. http://www.tecinc1.com/photo-gallery/cleveland-public-library-tech-central/