Pardon Our Dust

Take it while its available…Construction began about a month ago on our office expansion.  This is the second expansion in 3 years, as space became available, we didn’t want to remain landlocked.  The 2500 square feet will be divided up in storage, a recycling center, a lunchroom and much needed restrooms. 

Although we didn’t apply for LEED Certification, we are using sustainable practices in lighting, plumbing, paint, and flooring.  Energy efficient lighting with automated controls will be installed.  Toilets have dual-flush controls to limit water consumption and sinks will have motion activated faucets.  And low VOC paint will be used.

As with the rest of our office, we plan to use products from a variety of manufacturers, so that we can use the office as a combination showroom / laboratory.  It has been helpful to be able to show clients different options and how they work in real life versus just a catalog.

The previous expansion gave us storage we thought would last a long time.  We filled it up immediately.  This expansion will provide about 3 times the storage, hopefully we won’t fill it up as quickly. 

In the future storage room, looking at the opening to future lunchroom.

Future opening to the office, and the opening to the new Men’s Restroom.

The Leaning Wall