Construction Begins

Today was the first day of construction on our small renovation at the office. We are converting 2 cubicles into semi-private offices, 1 cubicle into an enclosed office, and 1 former storage room into a private office. 

Construction started on the semi-private offices, with demolition of the wall caps, removal of the front wall, and cutting of the side walls. The front wall is moving out two feet and the office entrances will be at the corners rather than the front. 

30th Anniversary Celebration and Charity Art Auction

Now that we've recovered...we'd like to thank everyone who came out to support the charity art auction at our 30th Anniversary Party last week. The turnout was better than we could have imagined, and the generosity of our guests who participated in the art auction was unbelievable. Tec is honored to have such wonderful and generous clients and friends. 

The proceeds from the event will benefit three charities we selected that do not have the notoriety of other major charities, but they are just as important to those who receive support from them.  If you haven't done so already, please check out the terrific causes that were supported by the event.   A Place to Go is designing and constructing a sustainable toilet facility for the Jitegemee School in Machakos, Kenya. It's a fascinating project, especially for us engineering and architecture type people!  Marilyn's Voice is a local (Northeast Ohio) volunteer organization that rescues and foster dogs from puppy mills.  Schools for Water is raising awareness and funds to provide clean drinking water to areas of Africa. 

The art auction would not have been possible without the very generous donations of Gallery One in Mentor, Ohio. Please visit them soon. 

More commentary and photos will be up soon. 


Supporting our Family

Friends, Colleagues, Clients,

By now many of you have heard about the unfortunate circumstances affecting key people in our office. About 3 weeks ago, Office Manager/Bookkeeper, Pam Kilbourne broke her leg. She was out of the office and is just now starting to work half days. We have been doing our best to try and keep up with invoicing and payments. We hope to have her back in the office full time in a couple weeks. 

Our office Administrative Assistant, and right-hand to Pam, has been out of the office a lot the past 6 months. Her husband Rob had been at the top of the kidney transplant list. Prior to receiving a new kidney, an infection set in requiring surgery. After months of battling complications from the surgery, Rob passed away over the weekend. 

Services for Rob will be on Thursday. Staff from the office who would like to attend will be able to. 

During the serivce, and during regular lunch hour, the office phones may be on auto-attendant. Please bear with us as we work to support our family during these difficult times.