Night at the Museum

The Tec Inc. Museum of Antique Engineering Tools… OK, that’s not the real name, we don’t really have a name for the museum.  But we have a museum.  And it’s filled with antique engineering devices and old books.  Periodically, I will write a post highlighting one of the objects in the museum. 

This post will focus on the favorite display of most visitors to the museum, the giant slide rule.  We purchased the item from Don Leinweber when he decided to close his structural engineering practice a few years ago.  He had it hanging in his storefront window.  The giant slide rule originated as a teaching tool in school - probably hanging at the front of the classroom for the instructor to demonstrate it’s use. 

Edmund Gunter developed the first slide rule in the early 1600’s.  There were several variations and improvements over the years, and slide rules remained prevalent until the 1970’s when the electronic calculator became affordable.

If you really like Slide Rules, please visit the International Slide Rule Museum.