Cleveland Public Library Tech Central and MyCloud

The Cleveland Public Library Tech Central project is almost complete. We stopped in for a walk-thru last week while the final touches were being installed. The renovation looks beautiful, providing a needed update, while incorporating prominent pieces of the existing architecture.

The renovated space will provide a consilidated computing center for the Main branch with state of the art features. “We are proud to announce that in June 2012 we will be the first public library in the country, to provide a personalized desktop experience to our patrons using desktop virtualization. The days of saving files on USB flash drives will be over for many CPL patrons, as they will be able to use MyCloud to freely access their own computing world anywhere in the Library. MyCloud will allow each user to save their files, bookmarks, and preferences and have them available anytime they visit the Library.”

Along with the new desktop features, the new technology infrastructure is useful and unobtrusive. The electrical outlets and network connections are built into the furniture, inside of covered boxes. The cabling and power are run through the table legs and are routed under an innovative modular raised floor that feels like a solid floor. Tech Central is outfitted with Windows and Mac computers that are connected to the MyCloud service.

The architecture is brought to life through refurbished direct/indirect suspended lighting and additional accent lighting. The suspended fixtures illuminate the space evenly while minimizing glare for library patrons working at the computers. The existing intricate ceramic tile mosaic wall is highlighted for the first time with linear led accent lighting mounted to the edge of the counter installed along the wall. Additionally, information desks incorporate integral led technology with 3-form panels to provide a self-illumianted presense in the space.Track lighting has been installed to highlight a display table.

We’re proud to have been involved in the engineering and lighting design of this project.

 To view more pictures, visit the project photo gallery.