Winterhurst Ice Rink
Lakewood, Ohio

At the Lakewood Winterhurst Ice Rink maintenance had apparently been lacking over the years. The old rooftop units had deteriorated so much they no longer functioned properly and did not provide proper outdoor air requirements. This produced inefficient cooling of the ice and uncomfortable environment for spectators.

Tec Inc. completed the design of a new HVAC system and lighting upgrade for the Winterhurst Ice Rink.

Tec began the design a new HVAC system that would provide proper cooling and dehumidification of the ice, and sufficient air replacement that contributes to a comfortable and safe environment for the patrons of the rink. This portion of the project has been held due to budgetary restrictions.

In addition, Tec provided lighting design services to replace the existing HID lighting with more efficient and aesthetically pleasing “ice rink” linear fluorescent fixtures over the ice and HID indirect around the bleachers. The added benefits include better color rendition, instant on capability, longer life, and a reduction in energy consumption. Additionally, the reduction in total wattage increases the temperature control capability of the ice surface within the arenas.