Zane State EPIC Center
Cambridge, Ohio


A new academic and training building, The Paul R. Brown EPIC Center, on the campus of the Zane State College in Cambridge, Ohio, is a state-of-the-art learning environment. The building includes general classroom space, lab space, community space, and space to support the academic and business & industry training programs of the College.  The building is 42,000 sq. ft. in single story structure and includes an enclosed pedestrian bridge to the existing Willet-Pratt Training Center. Project design documents were created using Autodesk Revit MEP Building Information Modeling software to enhance coordination, constructability and maintenance functions.

We also participated in the process of LEED certification of the building and to that end we expected to contribute the relevant design and submittal requirements for the following credits. This project achieved LEED Gold Certification in February 2015.

  • Water Efficiency Credit 3 Water Use Reduction
  • Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite #2 Minimum Energy Performance
  • Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite #3 Fundamental Refrigerant Management
  • Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1 Optimize Energy Performance
  • Energy and Atmosphere Credit 4 Enhanced Refrigerant Management
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Prerequisite #1
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 6.1 Controllability of Systems, Lighting
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 6.2 Controllability of Systems, Thermal Comfort
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 7.1 Thermal Comfort, Design
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 7.2 Thermal Comfort, Verification

In order to accommodate a very tight budget and still receive the benefits of geothermal HVAC systems the project included a unique hybrid design incorporating a smaller ground loop heat exchanger and supplementing capacity with a boiler and cooling tower.  This approach reduces first cost by significantly reducing the number of boreholes and piping, but still delivers most of the energy savings a 100% geothermal system can provide.  We have designed 15 geothermal buildings and this is the fifth design to incorporate hybrid systems.