Zanesville High School
Zanesville, Ohio


This project consisted of a new two-story high school building and was designed to achieve LEED Silver certification. The project achieved LEED Silver Certification in May 2013.

The HVAC system is a geothermal water source heat pump system which provides exceptional occupant control and comfort while also saving energy through its inherent energy recovery. The design also included a ground source coupled 170 ton water cooled chiller which was configured and operated as a fluid cooler and heater depending on the building demand.  When cooling is required the condenser heat is rejected into the ground loop and the chiller provides cooling in a normal fashion. When heating is required the condenser heat is used to heat the building and the chiller is configured to extract heat from the ground source heat exchanger.  Both modes of operation are automatically sequenced by the building automation system without operator intervention.  Indoor Air Quality performance is enhanced by a ventilation system that requires energy from the exhaust air leaving the building. Carbon dioxide sensors assure that only the required ventilation air is brought in, further saving energy costs. Total energy savings calculated based on ASHRAE 90.1-2004 is 42.4%. The energy savings contributed 10 credits toward the LEED Silver certification and achieved a perfect 10 out of 10 credits in the Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1 category.

For the plumbing system low flow fixtures were chosen tomaximize water usageefficiency within the building which reduces the burden on themunicipal water supply and wastewater systems. The showers have 1.5 GPM heads saving 40% in shower water usage. Water Closets have 1.28 gallons per flush sensor operated flush valves saving 20% in water closet usage. The urinals have 0.25 gallons per flush sensor operated flush valves saving 87.5% in usage for urinals. Lavatories have 0.5 gallon per minute aerators saving 77.27% in lavatory water usage. We have calculated an average annual savings of approximately 61% verses standard fixtures. The Domestic Hot Water Heaters for everything except the Kitchen are 2 water source heat pumps with the domestic hot water circulated through two 500 gallon storage tanks that feed the DHW system. Hot Water Temperature Maintenance is accomplished by four zones of Heat Tracing Cable Systems each with Digital programmable temperature and timer adjustments to save energy. This Heat Trace system was chosen for operational flexibility and the ability to get hot water to the fixtures immediatelyon demand at any fixture. The facility is to be ADA accessible. There are sprinklers throughout the facility and thus fewer fire separations and dampers in the duct system were required.

The lighting systems use low-watt fixtures and are automatically controlled through programmable switching panels to turn off the lights automatically when spaces are not being used. Data, sound reinforcement, communications, security and media retrieval systems are included in the design of this Ohio Schools Facilities Commission funded project.